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Download the Ultimate Swing Trader Forex Director FREE. Discover the Ultimate Trade Analyzer. Get this Forex Master Method Candlestick Patterns Recognition Software, Line Trader plus the INFOcator FREE. Mark Soberman: If you can tell me:

– Your most profitable time of the day and day of week…
– Your most successful trade setup type…
– Whether you make more money on going long or going short…
– How much you would win & how much you would lose just by increasing your risk… and,
– The mathematical expectation of your trading system’s success.

If you can tell me all that, then you’re one of the *miniscule* few that REALLY know your trade plan. Give yourself a pat on the back, will you? And for those who can’t answer all those questions about your own trading? Houston, we have a problem…

These types of questions are CRITICAL if you want to become a successful, profitable trader! How do you know where to focus your trading in order to make back the most return? You don’t. Until now…

We created a sophisticated tool that could track all of your statistics and most importantly, ANALYZE all your data giving you the most pertinent, the most relevant and the most profitable intelligence on your personal trade plan. And we designed it with push-button simplicity (’cause that’s how we roll).

It’s called the Ultimate Trade Analyzer and even though it’s officially still ‘off the market’, we’re releasing a few copies in this super-limited “micro” batch. We have just 20 copies to go around – so you’ll only receive one or two emails on it and it’s up to you to attend this Thursday’s release webinar.

In this webinar, we’re going to take you through all the sweet tricks and applications that the UTA has and what kind of fascinating insight it can give you on your own trade plan… and how to take that knowledge and start making drastic improvements.

We’ll show you that the UTA works with EVERY system, every market and every time frame. We’ll also take your questions, give out some awesome tips & giveaways and of course, let you take have a chance at one of the 20 copies I have on hand.

But we’re only doing this for our webinar attendees, so make sure you click the link below to reserve your logins for this Thursday’s webinar at 12pm Noon EDT:

Swing trading the Forex, done for you. Who doesn’t love the idea of that? Well, I managed to get as close as possible without turning it into a 100 percent mechanical (aka: 100 percent B.S.) Forex robot.

By now you’ve probably seen an email or two from me on the Ultimate Swing Trader VIP. (If you haven’t, definitely visit the UST blog to get the downlow on how we’ve managed to pick up 2,389 pips in 2 months). I won’t go into detail but here are the ‘bullet-points’ for you email skimmers:

1. Swing trade Forex, Futures, Stocks & Options in minutes (not hours) a day

2. Here’s the process: Just set your targets in the evening, go to sleep, wake up to give a quick recheck. Rinse and repeat.

3. Access to the VIP Treatment which gives you ‘lead by example’ nightly updates so you know exactly what you’re doing

Ideal with those with a day job or traders just starting out, the Ultimate Swing Trader VIP will take you by the hand and guide you toward safe, consistent wins sustainable for the long-haul.

Want to know about the indicators? What the system actually looks like on a chart and just how you’ll know when to get in and when to get out? How about a sample of the exact kind of videos posted every night behind the velvet ropes?

I’m revealing it all in next Wednesday’s UST VIP Release Webinar. So mark your calendar for July 28th at 12pm Noon Eastern (New York Time) and get your webinar login info here:

Scheduling conflict July 28th? No worries – we all get busy. Just MAKE SURE to register anyways because I’m sending out everyone on that list a copy of the recording so you can catch up with us later.

Test drive the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program RISK FREE for 90 days. Meet the Seven Summits Trader Mark Soberman. Learn Forex Live from Hector DeVille. John Thomas, the mad hedge fund trader: “I just issued my #1 trade to make right now…But you’re NOT on the list to get it!” You already know there are only three to five “big trades” a year you absolutely must catch. This trade is one of them.

If you don’t do something to get on board this trade ride now, you’ll be kicking yourself when you read in the Wall Street Journal about how much money it made us. By then, it will be far too late to make any money with it. I’m betting this baby doubles our money. I’d love to send it to you, but first you need to accept your 100% RISK FREE 90-Day Test-Drive of Macro Millionaire.

“You can TEST-DRIVE Macro Millionaire for a FULL 90 days RISK FREE BEFORE making your final decision”

You read that right. You don’t need to make a final decision today about joining Macro Millionaire. You can just test-drive and experience the program for yourself. Let me coach you for 3 months, risk-free. Follow my trades as I make them live in the market. I’ll let you follow the trades I make in my elite hedge fund. Many wealthy, savvy and very connected investors invest a minimum of $5 million to get into my fund, and pay me at least $100,000 a year to make these trades for them – but in Macro Millionaire, you can trade alongside me.

Let me spend 90 days transforming you into a world class trader who finally makes real money – no matter what the market is doing – BEFORE you decide if it’s right for you. If you think there is even the slightest chance you’d be better off financially if you have a top performing hedge fund manager, mentor and coach to trade alongside, then pull the trigger and take this risk-free, 90-day test-drive.

Mark Soberman: I’m announcing this big decision on TOMORROW’s Live Q&A Session starting at 12pm Noon Eastern (New York Time). If you don’t already have your logins because you originally thought the Seven Summits Trader was ‘out of reach’, you gotta get them now because I’m doing this especially for you. Can’t wait to share the news with you!

As I mentioned yesterday, because of Alex’s email, I decided to do whatever I could to share the Seven Summits Trader with as many people as possible… and give them a chance to actually *use* the SST while they make smaller, more manageable payments.

Introducing: the $297 down, $297 a month for 6 months SST Payment Plan! Sounds just like it is. Just pay $297 today to take home the Seven Summits Trader full-version. You get the software, the course, the training, the Owner’s Club, the live training rooms and support… for $297 to start.

If the Seven Summits does not make you money in 45 days, just return it like you would under the regular 45-day Performance Guarantee and we’ll give you a full refund. BUT! If the SST *does* make you money and you find yourself as hooked as we are – do nothing and continue making small payments of $297 a month for the next 6 months.

General consensus has been that the SST ‘ramp-up’ is QUICK so you could be done with your payments much sooner than 6 months… it’s all up to you! This system is designed for maximum results with minimum time commitment, so if you’re looking for a flexible way to supplement your income (like Alex), don’t be afraid to take the next step… I’ve made the price a ‘non-issue’ for you 🙂

This is a special offer that has a limited shelf-life (obviously, I can’t afford to do this for long). Get yourself pumped and get going right here: Coach TJ just told me the INCLUDED trading room is packed… which means we’ll have to wrap-up this release in the next 24 hours. If you’re interested, don’t wait (you’re going to kick yourself if you do!):

Download the Ultimate Swing Trader Forex Director Software FREE. Read this Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Special Report FREE that shows how to make $20,000 to $50,000 per month with your forex robot portfolio. Get this Forex Trading System FREE that makes 1.306% PM. Hey, FYI – the Ultimate Swing Trader (aka: ‘the UST’) was has now *gone live*. Mark just let everyone know that this is the last time they’re keeping the One Day Swing Trades feature included in this bundle so if you want really maximize your budget, make sure you click the link below and grab your copy now: Yes, it still does come with the UST Auto Trade Management Console, too. (They’ve done a really nice job of automating most of the system without getting into robot territory). Check it out before they pull it.

Mark Soberman, the Ultimate Swing Trader: Howdy, stranger… long time, no speak! Hope all is well on your end. Can you believe it’s already the end of January? It’s going a mile a minute here at the office – we’re discussing new topics for our educational webinar series, talking new tradeplans and setting to work researching new tutorials for the NetPicks Informer (our informational quarterly newsletter).

Also, a few of you have been asking about the Ultimate Swing Trader and if it’s including the One Day Swing Trades with 500 pip Assurance and the Auto Trade Management Console for MetaTrader. The answer is very soon and yes, both will be included!

In fact, block off next Tuesday, February 1st at 12pm and 8pm EST. I had the warehouse produce a small quantity of copies for those who just can’t wait til March. So if you missed out on your opportunity last year, make sure you get your logins for the release webinar right now…I’ll send you a few more updates in the next week but try to get your logins while it’s top of mind. Did you know that NetPicks has a team of Trading
Wizards? We usually call them Coaches, but they definitely ‘work their magic’ when it comes to trading.

Each Wizard specializes in trading their own slice of the market: Forex, futures, stocks and options. We’ve got experts on our team that actually trade these live, in the markets – everyday.

What you probably don’t know, is that all of our Trading Wizards teach actual trading lessons each and every week at no cost, for you. No sales pitches, no obligations – promise. Take a peek of what’s in store this week…

Show & Tell
Shane Daly, our Trading Wizard from the Great White North is a master of Forex. This week he shows you how to dramatically improve your trading with what he calls “Externalize the Internal” (cryptic, right?). But seriously, Shane put together a great video & PDF that’s aimed at helping you finally figure out what’s holding you back from truly successful trading:

To Be MetaTrader or Not to Be MetaTrader
Shane didn’t stop there. Do you trade forex? Do you use MetaTrader? Have you ever considered it? See Shane demo the unique advantages of MetaTrader for Forex trading.

Top Secret Sneak Peek
Ok, that’s a pretty good tease but we’re about to release our latest issue of our trading newsletter, the NetPicks Informer. While our current Seven Summits Trader and Ultimate Swing Trader Owners actually receive a printed subscription to this newsletter, we thought we’d share the love and send you access to Coach TJ Noonan’s article, “A Spin Around the Neighborhood”.

Forum Thread of the Week
Trading Wizard Special Guest “Mysticforex” is his name; Forex is his game. Over at TradersLaboratory.com, MysticForex is all about the AUDUSD and after you see what kind of results he’s been seeing, he might make a believer out of you! Check it out here:

Top 10 Trading Tips in 10 Minutes
Do you Recycle? Mark Soberman, our resident “Founder” of NetPicks dug through his archives and came up with gold! Check out his presentation on the Top 10 Trading Tips in 10 Minutes (and then try to say that 10 times fast!). It’s a quick 10 minute video so get your fix here:

Demo Days Are Here…
Join our #2 Man in Charge, Brian Short, and our SST Trading Wizard himself, Troy Noonan as they call the markets live for you twice this month. If you’ve ever been curious about seeing the Seven Summits Trader live in the markets – or just want to see what markets we like to trade – then pick a day and join us live! It’s on the house!

Download this Seven Summits Trader Quantum Leap Intervals MT4 Plugin FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE 82 page PDF Candlestick Guide. How to Determine Which Range is Right For You…Range Bar Tutorial (Inside)…This Can be a Little Tricky… Hey, quick reminder: get your Quantum Leap Intervals plug-in for MetaTrader ASAP if you can…

If you’ve already downloaded it, awesome – the developer behind it, Mark Soberman, is pro at finding weaknesses and patching them up right (like with MetaTrader this time). Even better, one of his Star Trading Coaches just put out a follow-up video to show you How to Determine Which Range Is Right For You. It can be a little tricky so definitely try to watch this video to get started… Even though you technically have the ability to trade range bars on MT, you still need to set your pip range according to your own personal needs (system, style, time, etc).

My Full Disclosure…Moving Up in the World (I’m Surprised)…Home, Home on the Range…Full disclosure: I haven’t traded with MetaTrader for awhile. But since Mark Soberman was giving away his Quantum Leap Intervals (and me being a big fan of Range Bars), I had to give it another go.

And honestly, MT is moving up in the world! Sure, it does have some serious limitations right out of the box but with the Quantum Leap Intervals, I could definitely see myself getting back into the swing of it. Which reminds me, you got your Quantum Leap Intervals plug-in, right?

Best of all, Mark at the NetPicks camp had one of his all-star trading gurus record another training video, this time teaching you exactly how to determine your range. If you’re still fumbling with your appropriate range (3-pip, 6-pip, 20-pip??), save yourself some headache and watch this training video…Finding out your perfect pip range is critical. I’ve made the mistake of not doing my homework and believe me, I paid dearly for it. Anyways, watch the video and remember to do the legwork before you trade live…

A head-turner for sure…Hey, for those of you who’ve been asking: Here’s the quick demo of the trading method shown on the last two Quantum Leap Intervals videos: It’s a nice system (been out for over a year) and posting head-turning results. If you’re in the market for a smooth, easy Forex method – I highly suggest you check it out.

If the above video isn’t cutting it for you, no worries – there’s a live full demonstration webinar happening this Thursday (Feb. 24th) at 12pm Noon and again at 8pm EST. Logins are here…Your last Forex method…Say hello to the last Forex method you’re ever going to need. Lofty claim, right? It just might be – and it sounds like these guys have the goods to back it up. Take a look-see here…This is the same method that’s taught on the last two Quantum Leap Intervals tutorials so needless to say, it works great with range and renko bars. But it also works with time, tick and volume too.

I’ll let the demo speak for itself and if you’re interested in learning more, get your login info for next week’s full demonstration on Thursday at 12pm & 8pm EST (they’re going to be available to answer your questions live, in real-time.)

Download this Seven Summits Trader Quantum Leap Intervals MT4 Plugin FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trader Systems FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Is your charting based on price action? If you’re charting with time interval, tick or volume, believe it or not, you’re not charting on price movement. And that means you’re probably dealing with more chop, churn and confusion than necessary. Want to see what I mean?

This guy found a way to use a time-tested alternative charting technique invented by a Brazilian trader back in the 1990’s – and designed it to work on the MetaTrader platform (because we all know, MetaTrader kinda sucks when it comes to variety). Mark’s giving it away right now in exchange for your feedback in a later survey so if you’re still using a dated charting method, pay attention and get your plug-in now. Trade with MT4? You’re Gonna Love This Plug-In…

MetaTrader Sucks. Well, maybe I should revise -MetaTrader sucks when it comes to variety. Take for example, charting methods. These days, range and renko bars are *huge*. They’re easy to learn, easy to use and are totally based on price movement (unlike alot of other charting methods out there). So the results is a much cleaner chart with less chop and churn that can force you into some potentially bad trade decisions live, in the market.

And of course, MetaTrader doesn’t support either one. (Lame) Thankfully, my buddy Mark Soberman just created a sweet little plug-in that actually installs onto your MetaTrader and allows you to trade using Range and Renko (his version is called Quantum Leap Intervals).

If you haven’t check out what range and renko can do for your trading, do some research and then grab this plug-in while Mark’s still giving it away. Here’s where to download it:

Mark Soberman: Weird…These days, doesn’t it seems like everyone is positively crazy about time interval charts? I mean, most people in our niche talk about time interval as the ‘end all, be all’ of charts… and if you trade with MetaTrader, fuggedaboutit – time intervals are like the ONLY charting they do support!

But I caution you, don’t be fooled. And as we always say here at NetPicks, *never* be content with the status quo. Believe it or not, time interval (and volume and tick charts, for that matter) have a whole host of issues -my biggest problem is that they’re NOT based on price movement. This means lots of chop, churn and confusion right when you’re trying to make huge trade decisions in a split second. Not exactly ideal.

Right out of the box, MetaTrader is been downright depressing when it comes to chart offerings – they give you limited options with the explanation, “Hey, we don’t cost you anything upfront – what more do you want?”. One major breakthrough solution I had is testing an alternate charting method pioneered by a Brazilian trader back in the 1990’s – who finally found a way to chart based on price action which actually solves most of the problems of the other charting methods. In addition, this new charting method…

===>> Filters out *alot* of the chop and noise plotted by tick and volume
===>> Handles fast moves and market slow-down better than we’ve seen
===>> Reacts to news quickly so you can make a better decision, faster
===>> Rocks with indicator-based strategies
===>> Is awesome in volatile markets (!)

Even better, I’ve custom-programmed a plug-in, called Quantum Leap Intervals, specifically for MetaTrader that allows you to start trading with this alternative charting method. Personally, it’s made my trading life much easier more succinct and I STILL use it in my every-day trading.

Best of all, I’m giving away this plug-in to you, today. All I ask in return is for your feedback. About a week after you download the plugin, I’m going to send you a brief survey to gauge your thoughts on my Quantum Leap Intervals software – and all you have to do is answer it as honestly as possible. Sound like a fair trade? Good.

Watch this 30 minutes weird Stock Trading Video just now. Download the Insider Secrets of Successful Traders Report that has been downloaded more than 73,000 times and discover a Stock Trading Strategy that can turn your $2,000 into $1.7 milion in just under 1.9 years. Mark Soberman, The Seven Summits Trader:They’re static. Meaning, they do what was programmed -and that’s it. Which works great for back-tested data (and that’s why they look so darn good in their marketing material) but *fail miserably* in live markets. If you’re going to use a system, be it a robot or any other method, you need dynamic targets and stops… you need your system to move with the market. Here’s a great example:

Yesterday, 2 minutes after the Crude Oil Inventory Report, I triggered in on a short trade that was breaking to new swing lows. My system recognized that the trade had a high probability and in turn told me to move down my stop, reducing the risk considerably.

Then the market did an ‘about-face’ and started moving upward. In fact, it was the beginning of a long move up with no looking back… the SST flipped me around and got me into the long trade just in the nick of time!

I was able to scale-in with additional positions and both the original reversal trade and the add-on position ZOOMED to full target while our trailing positions picked up even more. All in all, an awesome day picking up $750.00 in just one session. See, a robot (or any other static system for that matter) could not have recognized the quick change in the market saving us from losing a ton of money in a short trade while still giving us tons of potential to pick up +75 points going long. And my system, the Seven Summits Trader, does just that.

If you missed out on today’s Live Demo, I want to invite you to swing by tomorrow to see Friday’s Demonstration. We’ll be putting the SST under a microscope, showing you what it’s like to trade in real-time and announcing the big Facebook contest in case you didn’t hear it this morning.

Overall, it’s going to be one kickin’ live demo 🙂 Don’t miss out – it all happens at 9:30am Eastern (New York Time). Click here to get your logins in advance. We had some really rockin’ price action going this morning in today’s live demo so I do hope you’ll join us tomorrow morning to see what kind of killer results you could expect as a Seven Summits trader.

Hey, where are you? This is your last-second reminder: the Seven Summits Trader is being released TODAY and the kick-off webinar is starting at 12pm Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific! Make sure you have your logins and come join us:

This is your chance to see if you won the SST Facebook Contest (remember, you’ve gotta attend at least one webinar today live in order to claim your prize) plus hear all the awesome goodies that come with the Seven Summits Trader – not to mention find out how to get your hands on a copy at its discounted price. Plus, I’m answering all of your questions totally live! So take action right now and click the login link to join me right now. Busy today? You can still catch the recording of the release webinar. Just make sure you register for you logins to get on the list and I’ll email you a copy of the replay as soon as we’ve wrapped the presentation!

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