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Williams-Sonoma (NYSE:WSM) is reporting its second quarter earnings on Wednesday, August 27th after the market close. The consensus estimate on the street is for the company to post earnings of 0.53 cents per share. Analysts also expect a 7% increase in revenues year-over-year coming in at $1.047 billion. Same store sales are also predicted to increase by 6.2% over the same period last year. The stock itself has had a good run lately, up over 28% year to date.

WSM Chart

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The metrics we will be looking at are e-commerce revenue, gross margins and same store sales which are expected to be higher on the strength of its Pottery Barn and West Elm brands. We expect the company to post earnings of $0.55 cents per share on revenues of $1.051 billion. The company has put together a solid track record of beating estimates and we believe this quarter will be no different. Consumer Confidence has been solid over the summer and WSM has an online model that has been working to perfection. Revenues from e-commerce have grown nearly three times as fast as same store sales.

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Vivendi Selling Activision Stock

Vivendi S.A. filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange commission to sell nearly half in holdings of Activision (ATVI) stock in a public offering. The deal is set to close on May 28th and is a result of previous transaction agreements between the two companies. Activision will of course not receive any proceeds from the sale. Activision stock has been an excellent performer up around 25% year to date. However, it lost nearly two and a half percent on the announcement of the offering.

 ATVI Chart

ATVI data by YCharts

Corsair Components (CRSR) manufactures high-performance components for PC gamers, specifically those who build their own computers or customize pre-built systems to achieve faster processing speeds and improve graphic capabilities. It hopes to raise $78 million and trade with a market cap of $223 million. The company has around 800 employees and is based out of Fremont, California. Corsair is pricing 6 million shares at a price of $1…..Read the full article here

A California based company is bringing professional aesthetic treatments into customers homes at a fraction of the cost. Tria Beauty (TRIA) offers two lines of aesthetic light-based treatments, a Hair Removal Laser and Skin Perfecting Blue Light. The managers underwriting the deal are Morgan Stanley (MS), Piper Jaffray (PJC), and Well Fargo Securities (WFM). The healthcare company is looking to raise $64 million in an initial public offering set to begin trading on May 24th. Tria Beauty is pricing 4.6 million shares at $1….Read the full article here

Last week the markets were undeniably focused on the Facebook IPO. Many investors considered its lackluster debut a huge disappointment.  I admit even I thought all that hype could turn the new issue into a lottery ticket for early investors, but I’ve never thought highly of the company and I explained why you shouldn’t invest in Facebook in my article “When To Unfriend Facebook“.

Two weeks ago I published an article title “5 Stocks To Play on The Avengers Box Office Success“. In that article I told readers to buy Viacom (VIA) based off of Paramount’s 8% take from the total box office. In addition to Paramount being the weakest unit and the one holding Viacom’s earnings down. The company has yet to release earnings, however, last Tuesday Warren Buffet announced he was increasing his stake in the company. I’m not saying Mr. Buffet is taking investment advice from Asset Investing, but…..

I also put out two articles “3 Stocks Headed For A Correction” and “It’s Time To Sell These 3 IPOs“. Which I discussed the expiration of lockup agreements and how just the perception that additional shares will be dumped on the market will cause a stock to go down. In those articles I recommended short selling six stocks and next to the name is how the stock has performed since the release of the articles –

  • Mattress Firm Holding Corp. (MFRM) (-$2.43) (-7.11%)
  • Intermolecular, Inc (IMI) (-$0.36) (-5.34%)
  • Digital Domain Media Group (DDMG) (-$1.56) (-25.44%)
  • Angie’s List (ANGI) (-$0.94) (-7.20%)
  • Delphi Automotive PLC (DLPH) (-$0.99) (-3.63%)
  • Manning & Napier, Inc. (MN) (-$1.06) (-8.17%)


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The IPO market looks to be warming back up as the level of companies filing to go public is at its highest since pre-2008. Now with Facebook, one of the most followed IPOs of all time, the focus is squarely on new offerings. There are a lot of ways to make money from initial public offerings other than buying shares before it starts trading. Nearly every company seeks to protect the value of its IPO by having its existing shareholders bound by a “lockup” agreement. This prevents insiders and pre-IPO investors from selling their shares on the open market usually for a period of 90, 180 or 360 days. If an investor times it correctly they can make good money from shorting the IPO or hedge their losses by selling stock or buying put options before the lockup period expires. Here are three stocks that are going down based on shares entering the market….Read The Full Article Here

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